Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to the Ishee's

A Little Update to the Entryway
Thank you Martha Stewart for teaching me the
Easy way to hang frames

Do you like my Blue Crab? I painted him today since I didn't
have a 8x10 photo laying around
Scout's Spooky Eyes-- Oh and Matt brought me a horseshoe back
from Mississippi. It's actually from his families Old Farm.
I grabbed this little hook at Ikea. It's for Scout's leash


  1. That is such a good idea...Thanks for that sweetie...I always have a hard time in putting up frames:)
    Your dog is soooooooo cute!!!


  2. Darn...we NEED a horseshoe at our house! Great Irish tradition! Very cute arrangement, Kristen!!! Love the Hook-Ass!!!

  3. aw beautiful and what a brilliant idea going around taking beautiful house number planks



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