Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Dun-dees

This is a sad day in the Ishee Household. Michael Gary Scott is leaving Dunder Mifflin/Sabre to head to Colorado with his Fiance Holly.

Run for the Awareness of the Cure for Rabies

Prison Mike

Via Inspired by Charm

Does anyone else plan on going into a deep depression starting tomorrow? Also, what do you think next season will be like?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mississippi Queen

We had such a relaxing weekend in Mississippi at Matts mom's house. We didn't flip on the TV once. The entire weekend was filled with porch sitting, fishing, eating, visiting and lots and lots of kids. 11 to be exact.

Jumping Jake

We were greeted with a shrimp and crawfish boil-- So good

AnnElise and Uncle Mike

Martha Grace and Sarah

One of the many fancy Mississippi Gas Stations

This is where we would get our crickets for fishing. 30 cents for 50 crickets

Oh and did I mention the fine dining. I was tempted to get a oyster Po Boy and have a seat by the beer cooler.

Smiling Laura Lou

Braden showing off his sweet karate moves

My Meredith

Meredith then grabbed by iPhone and snapped these pics

Bec-Bec fast asleep

Uncle Matt giving boat rides

Bubble Blowing

Brian at the Easter Egg Hunt

Amelia found the Golden Egg

Meredith and I again

Matt and AnnElise

Ducks joining the party

Lots and lots of delicious food

We carved out a little us time and grab some wine and beers. So nice just paddling around with him.

A view of Coco and Dave's house from the water.

The entire way home we daydreamed about a future lake house

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Friends

May you find yourself Hopping down the Bunny Trail

Pictures from Lamboll Street

I'll be getting my Church on and probably eating candy and ham... Can't wait!

BTW when we are in Mississippi we go to Brett Favre's church. Maybe he'll be there :) Matt saw him last time. Pre-controversy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

And We're Off

Off to Mississippi for Easter to visit Matt's Family

I will return at least 5 pounds heavier

Those ladies can cooook

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can I have S'more?

The Perfect Easter S'more

These will be made this weekend with my 7 nieces and 1 nephew

Via Poppy Talk

Does anyone remember that S'more quote from the Sandlot? No, only me. I'm so lame sauce

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Suggestions

Hi Gals! Do any of you have any book suggestions? A classic, easy beach read, or series... I'm up for anything. Thanks in advance.


A Sullivans Island Tuesday

Had a Wonderful Random Tuesday off Yesterday

Had a very delicious pulled Chicken platter at Home Team BBQ. I tell you what, their Mac and Cheese is outta this world.

Jason the friendly barkeep loading us up with stickers

I was inside for seriously 1.5 hours and it looks like the birds had target practice on my windshield. Awesome! And yes that is a tervis tumbler. You caught me.

Then I headed out to the beach for a nice long walk and a little reading.

Today it's back to the trenches. Whomp whomp.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walking Tradd Street

Yesterday at lunch I took a little stroll to break up my work day

I found myself S.O.B. (South of Broad) and walking Tradd Street and Legare Street

The Confederate Jasmine is blooming and it smells oh so nice

Whenever I walk by this house, I always wonder what this means. Hello Google Translator!
In French means: Gentle Dog

I love the rainbow of plaster... kind of like a lady who constantly gets plastic surgery

I found out what Scout would look like if she dressed up like the Easter Bunny
@ Alpha Dog Omega Cat

Where do you find yourself on your lunch breaks?
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