Friday, December 10, 2010

Dream English Cottage

One of my favorite holiday movies in The Holiday.
Personally the best character in the movie is
Rose Hill Cottage.

This is Kate Winslet's characters home. Hollywood actually built this entire set, but it doesn't bother me.

Maybe one day I'll spend my Christmas holiday in a small english town in a cottage like this. Maybe I'll look like Cameron Diaz.

Maybe I'll just take long baths, drink cocoa and read all of these books.

And maybe, just maybe Matt will start looking like this guy:

Maybe with the help of this:


  1. Charming...but no heat. ;o( Kind of like Brady's room.

  2. So completely cozy!

    Heat - I thought the same thing - I bet she is cold in that tub by the window!

  3. I love that movie and that charming cottage!


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