Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to Hotel Carolina

Matt and I had a great weekend at the Hotel Carolina Concert Weekend on Isle of Palms. There were lots of great singer-songwriter artists that came and jammed out for the whole weekend.

Here is Joe Firstman, our roommate for the weekend. Y'all need to check him out.
Saturday morning hangover. I call this one Jameson Whiskey. OUCH!
I'm the creepy lady taking pics of little kids. She was just too sweet.
Matt and Joe playing football... the day before it was baseball
Hurricanes out in the Atlantic made the water rough.
Saturday night: Josh Hoge, Matt Duke, Tony Lucca and Joe Firstman.

Though a bit glutenous, it was a great way to spend one the last weekends of Summer.
Ahhhh Gatorade.
P.S. thanks KIKI for house sitting and taking care of Scout.

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  1. Your weekend sounds really lovely...I adore live music events:)
    Happy Monday


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