Friday, August 6, 2010

Driving towards the Weekend

It's here and I actually have a 4 day weekend!
Here is whats on the docket for Saturday:
1) Early trip to Goodwill (dropping off some clothes and random things)
2) Breakfast- tomorrow we are making tomato gravy. I'll post the recipe later
3) Sullivans Island Beach day. My Aunt Linda and her family are in town
4) Papa's house for a Rib Dinner

Here is my Papa and my Huge Smile on my Wedding Day

Sunday will involve a Seafood night at our house. Have I mentioned how my I love my Mississippi born husband and the way he cooks shrimp.?


  1. Just love that pic of Scout and Matt. Haven't seen it before. Of course your wedding day pics aren't half bad either....;o). have fun!

  2. Sounds and looks perfect!!!


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