Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scout's Beach Day

My GirlScout and I headed out to the Beach today for a couple of hours.
We had a picnic. I drank lemonade and she had water.
We daydreamed about our Future Beach House

We rolled around in the Sand
My Car loved that.
We Jumped in waves (don't mind the empty poo bag)
Overall-- We had a great day.
This is at Isle of Palms-- Dogs are welcome here anytime as long as their leashed.


  1. That is a perfect day...Love your dog sooooo much:)


  2. awww so fun - what a PERFECT day.

  3. Fun. Its pics like this that makes me really wish I lived closer.
    Love.... Mom
    PS...I didn't mind the poo bag.;O) you are funny.

  4. I love Isle of Palms, and i'm so glad they aren't strict about having dogs on their beach. Edisto Beach is a good dog beach, too-

    And you have such an adorable pooch!


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