Saturday, August 21, 2010

One of these days

Calabash N.C. 2008
Matt and I have recently realized that we have never been on vacation alone.
Since we've been together, no matter where we go, there is always a family member. This even includes our honeymoon. Snorkeling in Dominican Rep. where Matt's Dad lives. 2007

P.S. Matt's going to hate that I posted this pic. Sorry babe.
Ice Fishing in Michigan Xmas 2008
Honeymoon in New Orleans 2009
Now don't get me wrong.. We LOVE our family! Of course when we have time off we will try to visit with them. Just being able to travel is such a blessing. But one of these days we want to be selfish and go somewhere for just us. Somewhere neither of us have ever been.
We will someday.... Someday.

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  1. Know what you mean. We had our first vacation alone when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! Better hurry before the little ones arrive. Love, Mom


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