Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Wreck

Last night for dinner Matt and I went to one of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants. The Wreck is located on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant way past the bars and in the middle of the Shrimp docks. It is named after a ship wrecked itself on the site during Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

We sipped on an icy beer as the sun was setting. Our table was ready, but they give you the option to enjoy the view a little longer.

Our table still had the same view, but just inside a huge screened in porch. They don't have AC but they do have about 20 ceiling fans busting a move.

Instead of bread they bring boiled peanuts. This is when I stopped taking pics.

We split one of the platters and ordered two extra sides. We enjoyed Oysters, grilled and boiled shrimp, red beans and rice, coleslaw, hominy cakes and hush puppies. We were stuffed!

If you live in the area or are just visiting please stop by this little gem. It's only open for dinner and have only one non-seafood item.


  1. First of all, I'm glad you were not in an actual wreck, I got worried when I saw the title! Second, I can't believe I've never been here! Any restaurant that serves boiled peanuts instead of bread is bound to be one of my favorites! Have a great weekend!

  2. I've been meaning to try The Wreck! You've confirmed all the runors I've heard that it's a great place. It kind of sounds like Bowen's Island (sp?)- fresh seafood and awesome sunset views!

  3. I would looove to spend more time in/around Charleston. We don't live thatfar away. Looks like an awesome restaurant!

  4. Ah, the Wreck. Have to admit, my heart belongs to Robert Barber and Bowens Island...

  5. What a great idea to bring boiled peanuts instead of bread!! Sounds like a great meal :)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, it's always great to find a fellow Michigander here in the South! :) I'm sad because we're actually moving out of South Carolina to Colorado (at the end of this week actually!) and I'm so going to miss it because I've loved living in the South! Charleston is such a beautiful city, actually a good friend of mine from high school (we both went to Lake Orion HS) just moved to Charleston so I just sent her the link to your blog! :)


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