Monday, June 27, 2011

Couponer in Training

Do you ever watch extreme couponing on TLC? I kind of love that show. It just shows that if you put time and thought into something, you will definitely be rewarded. In their case it is free groceries.

Today I dabbled in some couponing. I've been doing it here and there since my New Years Resolution.

The Original Total today was $90.91 and I paid $30.79.

Saving $60.12

The unexpected find was at Target. Black frames with mats originally $7.99 each and were reduced to $1.98 each. I grabbed 4 since I have a plan for them in the Kitchen.

Usually I don't buy junk food. But we'll be having company for the next couple months, so i figure it will be eaten.

What about you. Do you Coupon? I would love some tips.


  1. I don't coupon but I would love to watch you do it to see how if I can handle it.

  2. Go girl! That's awesome!! I bought one of those frames from Target a few weeks ago on sale, but not that much on sale!

  3. go on girl! heading out tomorrow. Lunch after?

  4. I so need to do did well!

  5. Wow- great steals! I love the idea of couponing but it seems like so much work! I got a rewards card for our grocery store that has online coupons...seems like the easiest way to save a buck :)

  6. Have you tried That's where I go. She takes different grocery and drug store's weekly deals and pairs them up with coupons so you get the best deal possible. She also puts little acorns by the best deals so you know those are the ones to 'stock up' on. It's awesome!

  7. That is soo cool..You go girl:) Have a lovely day, my dear! Kisses

  8. good luck! it is addicting! i love and - - so helpful matching up available coupons!


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