Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Brunch: Bloody Mary Bar

I'm not hosting a brunch anytime soon but one of my favorite things in life is a Bloody Mary bar. I love how they are basically a meal in a glass. Plus when you need a little hair of the dog it will be your best friend.

Here are my essential items to put out on a DIY Bloody Mary Bar :

Vodka- I like the Peppar vodka for a nice spicy Bloody Mary

My favorite mix is Zing Zang

Anti-pasta Skewer. I would probably take off the tomato and add shrimp and pickles

Also I would add the following for a DIY bar


Celery salt for rim

Clamato Juice

Celery Stalks

Pickled Okra or Green Beans

What is your favorite garnish for a Bloody Mary?

btw: I wanted to abbreviate the term Bloody Mary this entire post but I thought B.M. wasn't very appropriate.


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