Saturday, July 30, 2011

Traveling Husbands

Matt travels for work about every 2 weeks. As much as I miss him there still is a part that loves that 'Kristen' time. You know exactly what I mean. Eat what I want, watch HGTV or SATC, do pilates in the living room, bubble baths and the list goes on. Yes, I'm 27 and still have dance parties. Mostly with Scout (she's a fantastic dancer).

However, like any good husband my safety is still his priority. At night he calls to make sure the house is secure. First thing in the morning I have to text/call him. Then again I have to do it when I get to work safely. Below is a pic I sent to him letting him know I was safe.

So now my question to you.
What odd things have you done while your husband/bf/fiance is out of town?
Be honest. I promise I probably have done it as well.


  1. Mike never really goes out of town, but he used to work night shift for the Sheriff's office and I'd drink a bottle of wine by myself and dance around in my underwear to the Glee soundtrack...

  2. My boyfriend and I live 9 hours apart as of a month ago. It has not been an easy transition. But I have to text/call him every night before bed and I usually send him a good morning text first thing when I get up! The weird thing is I like to be the first one to fall asleep and say goodnight because if it has been hours since I have told him goodnight (like when he goes to bed) I have trouble sleeping! I know its odd

  3. Last year when my boyfriend was gone for a full week I ate weird things for dinner that he wouldn't consider a 'proper meal' - like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a bowl of cereal! And then I would open a bottle of wine and find a good chick flick on Netflix. I really enjoyed those nights alone, but was super excited when he came home!

  4. my hubby has been gone for 10 weeks this summer! boo hooooooo :( BUT, i have stayed positive by doing the following:

    -nachos for dinner (like a lot)
    -drinking out of the milk carton/oj carton, etc.
    -lighting candles 24/7
    -watching the girliest movies i can find
    xoxo (new follower!)

  5. When ever the boyfriend goes out of town
    - I move all the foreign films to the top of the netflix list
    - eat a ton of spicy thai take out
    - set up camp in the living room with a bottle of wine and tons of blankets

  6. Oh man. I feel the same way. I have girls night, watch true blood, and eat entire bake-at-home pizzas myself. Good thing for my waistline that Stephen doesn't travel too often...

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