Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hoarding- Scout Style

So yesterday I was getting ready to vacuum the house. But I paused, looked down and realized that Scout is a hoarder.
Whenever she moves rooms or even couches she tends to move along her toys. Even though she can't have babies, maybe it's a motherly instinct. Maybe her toys are her litter.

Buddy the Muskrat was a Christmas gift from Harper. She takes really good care of him but other dogs tear him apart when they come over. I have sewed on patches.
Sayde the Pheasant (not sure if she is a pheasant) is new. Matt picked her up while Scout got a Manicure/Pedicure at Petsmart

She is sweet as pie!


  1. What a sweet pup! Whenever Cameron or I come home, Brady will pick up the nearest shoe and bring it to us like a prized possession..luckily he doesn't chew them.

  2. So precious. My dog is a hoarder too. The problem is, she doesn't hoard toys. She mainly hoards food and any pairs of panties that I might leave on the floor or in my laundry basket. She'll literally walk away from her bowl with a mouth full of food and take it to the bedroom to pile it up on the carpet.

  3. My dog Willow does this too. We have a big green bucket we keep all of his toys in, and when we let him out of his crate, he proceeds to pick each toy out of the bucket, one by one, and make sure they are all around him wherever he goes. It's really funny. However, his toys aren't nearly in this good of shape...he loves tearing them to shreds.

  4. hi kristen,
    what an adorable puppy! my dogs toys are all over the place, i can never seem to keep them off the floor. i'm your newest follower :-) meg

  5. Please don't label my Grand-Dog with an OCD disorder. ;o) (We know how Matt LOVES hoarders.) She is sweet. She just can't help loving her babies.


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