Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charleston Wedding Studio

I just got an email from our Wedding Florist Beth LeonGuerrero with Wildflowers, Inc. She has partnered with the Charleston Wedding Studio and has written a blog entry about red, white and blue weddings.

I'm so excited that she chose a couple of pics from our wedding. The guys wore Khaki suits so we were definitely a patriotic crew. It was a fall wedding and I didn't want the usual oranges and deep reds.

If any of you are Charleston Bride's to Be, I highly recommend Beth. She did a fantastic job and stayed well within my non existent budget.


  1. How fantastic....I love that photo! Have a great, day:)

  2. I think we had the same wedding dress! You obviously have great taste ;)

  3. FUN! Love the red heels:-) xoxo

  4. oooooo lala love all those red shoes



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