Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Garden Planning

So a couple of weeks ago I started a bucket list. One of the items on the list is to have a successful garden. Is 2011 the year?

Today I'm enjoying a little patio time and writing out some plans for the yard.

We have a very sunny yard both in the front and back. We plan on doing some veggies this year and adding in some heat tolerant perennials. The climate down here is tough compared to what I grew up in. Plus our soil is all clay and sand. I have yet to see an earthworm in my yard. Very unlike my parents house in Michigan.

My mom gave me a great gardening book a couple of years ago. The pictures and plant descriptions are great.
One can dream

Sidenote: This is my favorite cup! I seriously have a deep rooted love for Tervis Tumblers.

Here I am in the Salon on my Wedding Day. Yes I brought my own cup. FinalPics (238 of 680)

What are your garden plans for spring/summer/fall? Small herb pots? Climbing Morning Glories?

Anyone want to come over and help me weed and clear branches?


  1. haha i'd come help you weed but that would require me getting dressed and i'd like to stay in my pjs for a while. :) cute pic!

  2. I was just thinking and planning in my mind my garden for this year. I think this weekend the hubs and I will build a raised bed and plant lettuce and spinach. And then when it gets warmer I'm tear that out and plant tomatoes!

  3. my boyfriend wants to start a vegatable garden, but we dont have a backyard...so we'll have to do with some potted plants. we just bought seeds for herbs tho- rosemary, dill, mint and basil (my fave). can't wait to see how it all turns out! btw so funny about the cups! my mom is obsessed with them! she bought me a bee set for my birthday last year and its my fave. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. I was just thinking last night that I wanted to start a little herb garden on my balcony! I am going to go gather my supplies this weekend and get started. Cute pictures :)

  5. hahaha you are so stinking cute with your hair all in rollers!

  6. you are a brave soul - i manage to kill everything i try to grow. very sad. can't wait to see your new garden!!!

  7. Every year I hope to start an herb garden, because I spend too much money buying fresh herbs at the grocery store. Maybe you'll provide some inspiration for me!

    New follower!

  8. As for you my dear....2 words. Raised beds. Happy gardening. A shovel, a cute gardening apron, and sheer determination should do it.


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