Thursday, March 10, 2011

Batter Up!

Isn't my hubby adorable?

In Matt's life before Kristen (B.K.) he was a College Baseball Coach. He spent his majority of coaching years at Mississippi State and yes one of these days I will give you a tour of his office. It's as if the college threw up in there.

After Kristen (A.K.) Matt sells packaging materials. (Glamorous) However, he is still involved with baseball in town. He does hitting and pitching lessons almost daily and he is also helping out the local High School Varsity team. He sometimes helps the kids get signed to Colleges. When I go to the games, the parents look at me funny. They think I'm some kind of sex predator. Not the case.

When they ask me, "Who are you here watching?"

I simply say, "That dreamboat of a 3rd base coach."


  1. Aww, you are so sweet!!! I love that you did a post about your hubs!!!

  2. Haha this post was both hilarious and adorable. I love that you man coaches! So sweet!

  3. he is adorbs :) yall make a BEAUTIFUL couple!

  4. This is too cute, I like what you say at the end about the 3rd. base coach! ♥


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