Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Growing up in Michigan I related Fat Tuesday with the Paczki. What's a Paczki you ask?(Pronounced Puntchki )

It is a Polish doughnut that can be found in Hamtramck bakeries in Michigan. It is deep fried dough filled with anything you can think of. Apples, Lemon, Cream, Raspberry, Chocolate etc.

Since I am unable to enjoy my Paczki here in Charleston, I lean towards my Mississippi born husbands Fat Tuesday tradition. Enter the King Cake.

A New Orleans tradition which are easier to find here in Charleston. It is basically twisted bread which can be filled with fruit, cream cheese and pralines. Matt and I just like the cinnamon King Cake. The cake is covered with frosting and colorful Mardi Gras colored sugars. Oh and there is a tiny plastic baby hidden in the cake which signifies the Sweet little 8 pound, 6 oz Baby Jesus. :)

So yes, I will be eating something bad for me today. But Ash Wednesday kicks off tomorrow where I'll give up baked goods... Wait, maybe not baked goods. My birthday is during Lent.


  1. The Paczki look awesome. I imagine they would be even more awesome served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Has anyone ever tried that?

    Happy Fat Tuesday!

  2. oh dear god... those look so amazing I can't even handle myself... must find one here in the NW...

  3. yah! sweet baby jesus, i love it :) im a fan of king cake and sweets in general. happy fat tuesday/mardi gras xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. Can someone hand me a napkin?? I have drool on my chin. I need a Polish Donut. STAT.

  5. There were dozens of Paczkis today at work...every flavor, every kind in every department. Some were from Hamtramck bakeries, other dozens were from grocery stores. I must say, I am so proud of myself...I DID NOT EAT ONE. I did smell them and took in 150 calories just doing that!!!!

  6. oh yum! officially craving dessert!


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