Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walking Tradd Street

Yesterday at lunch I took a little stroll to break up my work day

I found myself S.O.B. (South of Broad) and walking Tradd Street and Legare Street

The Confederate Jasmine is blooming and it smells oh so nice

Whenever I walk by this house, I always wonder what this means. Hello Google Translator!
In French means: Gentle Dog

I love the rainbow of plaster... kind of like a lady who constantly gets plastic surgery

I found out what Scout would look like if she dressed up like the Easter Bunny
@ Alpha Dog Omega Cat

Where do you find yourself on your lunch breaks?


  1. I take my lunch break in the hospital cafeteria looking at sick people with IV poles attached at the end of their "leash". And there just might be ladies with real plastic surgery. No Confederate jasmine or hybrid animals.


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