Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Note from Kristen's "Other" Half

As you know, today is a special day in the Ishee household. We have a house full of Quinn’s and Mrs. Kristen is celebrating her birthday!

What did I get her? Well, thanks to this blog, reading her mind was easy. When I was in Jacksonville last month, I stopped by one of her favorite stores, Anthropologie. Where wishes do come true! She really liked the Paraiso dress, so ‘voila’! I gave it to her before the weekend so she could wear it. No codes to crack this time. I kept it boring. Plus, I don’t think she has the energy for another 3-day search. She got what she wanted plus some matching earrings for good measure. But ladies, I fell into the trap that many men fall into. What size do you get your girlfriend/wife when buying clothes? First of all, I think after a month of dating, each person should have their own cards printed up with all of their sizes on it. Like a baseball card for life. Picture on the front, stats on the back. Guys would definitely start buying better gifts! Trust me. Guys buys things that they want, girls buy things that they want their guys to have. So, when a guy buys his girl a watch, either he wants a watch or really likes his and wants her to share that feeling. An ‘homage’ gift so to speak. When a girl buys their guy a wallet, they’re saying, your wallet sucks and I think you should use this one.

Sorry, I digress. My trap I fell into. I ask her awhile back what size she wore in different items, shoes, dresses, pants, whatever. Trying to throw her off a little. Of course, she says “6 or 8” OR???? Uh oh! So, I have to decide. Go with the 8 and I’m saying, “you look bigger than a 6”. Go with a 6 and it doesn’t fit, and then the 5-minute mini-depression starts. Or the whole, “I can’t eat cake, because I can’t fit into a 6…” It’s a tough one ladies. So, I used some common sense! ‘Paraiso’, sounds European. European sizes usually run a little tight, so I felt like I should get the 8! Once I come up with a plausible, common sense reason. Then I buy the exact opposite! So… I bought the 6! And, the verdict…. The six was too big!!!! So, we have to plan a trip to Myrtle Beach or Jacksonville to exchange it for a 4!! A 4!!Sometimes life just works out for us guys without us even knowing.

I just want everyone to know how much I love this little lady. She loves all of you as well. She looks forward to her comments, and friendships she’s made by sharing her life and ideas. Thanks for being loyal readers, and let’s all wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And please take my advice, if you want better gifts, give your guy a list of sizes, and the friendly reminder to ALWAYS get a gift receipt! Have a great day!!! -Matt


  1. Aww, what a sweet husband you have. Such a precious post. Happy Birthday, sweetie. When ever you are in the LA area....I will bake you a cake. I hope you have the best day....ever.

  2. what a sweet and thoughtful present, happy birthday!

  3. How sweet! I always send my bf emails with things I like and so far they have worked! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! What a lovely entry! Next picture with the dress!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I just found your blog today and now I am your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)


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