Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I'd rather be doing

Since I've been back from the honeymoon it feels like all I've done is work. It's Thursday and and my next day off is Monday. It's not rare I work 7 days straight but c'mon... I'm beat. Here is what I'd rather do tomorrow:

1) Bake this Mile High Apple Pie from Better Homes and Garden.

2) Continue reading South of Broad by Author Pat Conroy. The story takes place here in Charleston. I love how detailed he is about the city. Everything from the streets to the people. For those of you not from Charleston, everyone that lives South of Broad Street are very wealthy and usually are ancestors of the original settlers of the city. Which is why they are also known as S.O.B.'s.

3) Venture out to Boone Hall Plantation and pick up some pumpkins. How pretty are these pumpkins from Martha Stewart.

I guess I'll have to wait until Monday. I know I won't get to do any of these things since I'll be writing thank you notes all day long.

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