Monday, April 4, 2011

Brunch and Puppies

Yesterday I met up with my brother's Best Friend Lewis. He was in town for a wedding and met me for brunch before he headed back to Tampa.

I love how he was still wearing his wedding outfit and was carrying around a random bath towel. Oh Lewis.

Afterwards, Matt and I met up with my friend Rae and her fiance Adam with their two pups at the Dog Park.

Their dog Rascal is in the background but how cute is this puppy? His name is Tanner. And yes I am that creepy lady who takes pictures of other people's dogs, babies and children. It may get me in trouble one day.

Scout chasing Lucy round and round

and she's out cold!


  1. that photo of scout sleeping is too stinking cute!!

  2. how funny is your friend with the bath towel! hysterical!

  3. hahaha love this! One of my most favvvvorite memories ever was me and my best friend walking out of our hotel room the night after our other best friend's wedding in our bridesmaids dresses in front of her parents and her dad says "I guess y'all had a good night..." and then we went to eat. Yes, in our bridesmaids dresses.

  4. Your pup is too cute! Which dog park is that?


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