Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Weekend

I enjoyed my"Weekend" on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Overall it was both productive and relaxing. Besides the normal housework stuff, I made time for some Old Fashion Fun.

Took Scout to the Dog park.. She loves to RUN

Scout doing her impression of Matt

Shaking off

Wet Skeeter post bath

Today I hung out with my friend Cynthia. It was perfect! Mojitos, pool-side book reading, nachos, giggles and just straight chilling.

Cynthia lives on the Isle of Palms. Her dad also lives on the Island and we spent some time at his GORGEOUS house today.

We then went on a little Joy Ride in the Golf Cart

Leaving Island Time... Back to the real world.


  1. HOW FUN! Her house looks amazing! Your pup is presh!

  2. Pool-side mojitos, with a good book and nachos sounds like heaven!

  3. Love your 'angel kisses'. Hey, did you locate my finger at the dog park?

  4. I could go for some poolside time! That looks divine!


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