Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Jobs

I was just wondering. What was your favorite job of all time?
I love my job now. Duh! Spa treatments and hotel stays. :)
But my all time favorite was when I worked at a golf course in Michigan during college. I drove the beverage cart for about 3 years.
I worked with my friends, made great money and got tan. I really miss wearing a uniform. Now its a challenge every morning to mix up the wardrobe. Oh the Glory Days of khaki pants/shorts, polo shirt and tennis shoes.

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  1. i love doing what im doing now! freelance graphic design work :) i get to be creative everyday and i am always working on new projects. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. my favorite summer job was camp counselor. I walked all day long (and got super toned in the process), got Vitamin D and played around like a kid.

  3. I worked in a bread shop that specialized in pasteries during christmas one year. They made gourmet pizzas, yule logs, cookies, croissants of every kind...you name it.
    Here's the best part- everything was baked fresh daily. At the end of the day we had our selection of what to take home with us and the rest (there was LOTS) went to a shelter.
    Aside from the 8 billion pounds I gained it was amazing!

  4. I was a bartender for a dive bar in Clemson while in grad school there - it was the 'locals' bar and the average customer age was probably 60. I loved it because I could drink beer for free and I usually just sat behind the bar talking to my customers, hearing crazy stories from the past and learning about their lives... it meant so much to me that my fiance actually proposed to me there last September... lol... yup... who gets engaged in a dirty bar? This girl! :)

  5. Is it totally wrong to say my favorite job is being a student? Okay, I know it's not technically a job but it occupies all my time and I love what I'm doing. I'm such a dork.

    Also, I see your in Charleston. I am too!

  6. Hey Kristen! I just saw your sweet comment left on my blog, and love hearing you grew up in MI.

    And oh my gosh...one of the first jobs I applied for during college was to run a beverage cart at a golf course!


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