Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Puzzles Part 3

Now on to the third and final installment of our Valentines Saga.

The answer to the if the Walls came tumblin' down the 'Pair shall perish thrice' was the above pic. The answer was taped behind the frame. On to the next clue.

I had to figure out the what date Jacques de Molay was arrested by King Philip IV. Then once I got the date I had to use the Caesar cipher to solve the above clue. The answer is
Over the Arctic Chill, Past the Isle of Spices, You will find your New World.

So over the fridge I found the above sweet Valentine
And the final gift was an iPhone
It was totally unexpected. Matt worked on this for days and of course it was perfect timing that Verizon just started carrying the iPhone last week.
Readers, get ready to see all my pics from my iPhone. I really need to figure this thing out.


  1. what a great scavenger hunt. I am very impressed with hubs effort!

    btw, moonshine mountain is in hendersonville, nc.

  2. ohmygoodness! your husband needs to give mine some pointers on creativity ;) I love my iPhone. If you haven't already, you must download Hipstamatic! It's a fun vintage camera app! Hope you had a great Tuesday, my dear! Glad I stumbled on your blog...xoxo {av}

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! How fun!

    Oberon is my fav too! What a bummer that you aren't able to find it in SC. Sounds like hubby is going to have to make another call to the brewery!

  4. um, sweetest thing ever! holy awesome! your hubby definitely gets brownie points for that


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