Monday, February 21, 2011

Unitarian Church Graveyard

Very often on my lunch breaks, I take little walks to get some fresh air. One of my favorite little treks is to the Unitarian Church Graveyard. The entrance is off of bustling King street and so many people pass it everyday with out knowing its even there. I love how still and peaceful it is here.

Here is the entrance off of King Street

Once you walk in, it feels like you are in the wrong spot. There are a couple of residential homes on the pathway. (I would love to be the mailman in Charleston)

And Poof! You are in the graveyard.

A lot of the other graveyards in town are very well manicured. This one is not. I kind of like the way perennials take over and the headstones blend into grasses and brush.

Signs of Spring!!!

I've always loved visiting graveyards in Charleston. It amazes me that I'm looking at a tombstone dating from the 1600's. The etchings are barely visible for it has survived hurricanes, the civil war and also the salt air.
Do you have a favorite lunch time escape?


  1. so pretty! hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather.

  2. love the signs of spring! makes me soooo happy!

  3. So happy you enjoyed my guest post at Long Distance Loving -- and don't tell my family, but I'm kind of a sucker for Chicago. The Midwest definitely grew on me! And I'm so jealous you have daffodils already... I can't wait til I can take lunchtime walks again. I love strolling along Lake Michigan when it's warmer out; it's breathtaking.


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