Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just Wrapping up an
Amazing Day Via Camilla Akrans
1) Drank Coffee and ate a Fruit Parfait
2) Deposited Fun Money in my Checking Account
3) Went to the beach where I swam, read, ate watermelon and chased a strangers beach ball
4) Matt joined me at the beach and we daydreamed of owning a beachfront home
5) Came home and took Scout to the dog park- I need to bring my flip next time. She is the most popular dog there
6) Came home and cooked a delicious dinner. Highlight was the basil/tomato salad
7) Now its time for Popsicles and purchasing plane tickets for the summer


  1. Ohhh sounds perfect!!! I adore the photo too:)

  2. I am praying for the Gulf Coastline and sending extra little prayers for the Carolina coast so that all who want to enjoy this magnificent creation (the beach)...that they may continue to do so. So happy you enjoyed your, Mom


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