Saturday, January 30, 2010


My hubby and I haven't had a Saturday off together since our wedding weekend in October. By some miracle I have today off from the Spa (I know who wouldn't want to be in a Spa on the weekend). So here is what is on the docket:

1) French Pressed Coffee, Cinnamon Rolls and Bananas
2) Making a big pot of vegetable beef soup to eat through out the day.

3) Studying Season 5 of Lost. Its crunch time since the Season Premiere is on Tuesday. (Controlling excitement)
(Here we are opening our wedding presents. Our friend Rotie made us Lost art. Awesome! I miss being tan)

4) Laundry- I have to do something productive.

5) Snuggling up with Scout!

Best part is that its suppose to rain all day!

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