Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Wedding Hair

For my big day I wore my hair swept to one side. I felt it complimented my dress and how I felt overall on that day.

For the ceremony I borrowed my friends Sara Ruth's lace trimmed veil.

For the reception I switched to a shorter veil with a fun feather piece.

If you're at a crossroads for your wedding hair style ask yourself 3 questions:
1) Does it go with your dress and overall feeling of your wedding?

2) Does it make you feel beautiful?

3) Does it contain more bobby pins than your new husband is willing to remove?

Hair done by Stella Nova

Photos Kelli Nixon Photography and Jason Miller Photography


  1. I especially love your 3rd question. Made me giggle :)

  2. Ohh how beautiful!
    You look stunning!
    Have a great weekend:)

  3. haha I probably should have thought about #3 before I got husband and I spent a long time taking out all of my bobby pins on the wedding about romantic ;)
    very cute blog!

  4. Wow, your wedding hair is amazing!!! You look absolutely beautiful. I adore your dress. Great pictures!



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