Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Recap- Alabama

As I mentioned before, our Christmas Junket started in Alabama. We had a great visit with Matt's family (my family now too) at his sister Britton's home. Coco (Matt's mom) and Dave were able to visit as well.
With McAlister's Sweet Tea in hand we headed out on our trip.
Scout was excited as you can see.
The First morning I was a stand in mom at Meredith's Christmas Party
We went to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. YUM! Is it bad that I love those places? Picture is of Jake as Spiderman.
The kids love Scout's crate. Britton don't hate me that I posted these pics. I swear readers... she is a great and loving mom.
And Yes... AnnElise took her naps in the crate.
We opened presents and cooked great meals. Sorry no pics.
I did make Jake a shirt that says, "Uncle Matt is my Homeboy"
We got in the Christmas Spirit and went on a train ride at Noccalula Falls
Did I mention it was Star Wars themed
Next in the Recap..
Michigan and the Baby Jesus Birthday Party

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  1. haha star wars? awesome!
    man i need to make my niece a shirt like that :)


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