Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here a moo, there a moo

The Ishee's are shareholders for a local farm. The Ambrose Family Farm's CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to support local farming and eat healthy organic vegetables. The Spring season starts in April and goes until Mid July. Then starts the Fall season.

Each member gets a box of vegetables every week. They can either pick it up at the farm or choose a pick up location close to home. I am able to ride my bike to mine. Thank you Matt for the basket on my bike for Christmas!!

Rita Bachmann and Pete Ambrose show off an early-season harvest of arugula and strawberries


I hope for Matt's sake the fresh veggies inspire me to be a better cook.

This is for less then $2/day for 2 people. For a look at the types of veggies/fruit for the Spring click Here. Anyone want my beets out there?

Click here to find a local CSA by you!


  1. yum. beets and brussel sprouts for 3 whole months!!!

  2. AWESOME! I am soooo signing up~


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